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Hello all & welcome to my Abstract Thoughts.

My name is Jay Abstract and I started this site with the intentions of creating a source of reference material relating to the Arts, Entertainment & Life.

Abstract Thoughts is a chance to see the ordinary through unique perspectives by studying the "why" behind human behavior- The reasons behind our actions, reactions & thought processes.

The site is unique in that it blends various topics together and provides a fresh outlook. The goal is to continue to grow & expand to become of more value to YOU, the reader, by continuing to provide engaging and thought-provoking daily blogs & articles, as well as implementing additional site features to increase the overall sense of community.

I want to earn your return visit by not only providing you with a place you feel comfortable learning and expanding your mind, but also by personalizing your experience by welcoming your comments, questions, feedback & suggestions.

Be it an idea on a blog subject, site design or overall site expansion, I not only welcome but ENCOURAGE your contact.

You have my commitment of 100% dedication to increasing your reading experience. Abstracts Thoughts focuses on "Intelligent Discussion for Intelligent People" & I am absolutely thrilled that you have decided to take part!

- Jay Abstract